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Tamil Nadu Translation Grant


Tamil Nadu Translation Grant Program is launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu. This program is aimed at promoting Tamil literature worldwide and helping it reach a wider audience. Through this grant, non-Tamil publishers in India as well as foreign publishers will be able to translate and publish Tamil titles into their languages, thus making these works accessible to readers everywhere. We are excited to offer this opportunity for more publishers around the world to experience the beauty of Tamil literature.

The aim of the Tamil Nadu Translation Grant programme is to promote Tamil fiction, nonfiction and children's literature from Tamil Nadu (India) by translating and publishing them in different languages around the world. The program, managed and financed by the Tamil Nadu government, provides financial assistance to foreign publishers for translation, publishing, and even distribution of copies to public libraries in their countries / regions.

Who can apply for the grant?

Publishers, outside India and states other than Tamil Nadu and UT of Pondicherry in India, can apply. They should be primarily non-Tamil publishers, in the case of the founders of a publishing house are from Tamil origin. Those apply for this grant is considered ‘the grant applicants’

What titles are eligible?

The title should be published originally in Tamil, by a publisher or author residing in Tamilnadu or Tamil origin. Those who sell content for the grant applicants are called in this document as ‘content owners’.

How the translation grant program works?

  • The grant applicant must first sign an agreement with the content owner (see points 2 and 3) to publish the title in their respective language
  • The grant applicants need to prepare the following documents to successfully complete the grant application:
    • A cover letter on the official letterhead requesting the grant
    • The profile of the grant applicant company
    • The latest catalog of the grant applicant company
    • The CV of the translator for the target language

      The following documents are not mandatory while submitting the grant application. However, if the grant application is approved, it is mandatory to submit the below documents before the first allotment of the requested grant amount

    • Proof of letter that the buyer paid the advance royalty, not less than USD 300, except in exceptional cases. In case of Indian languages, it may be a minimum of Rs 10,000.
    • Sample translation in the target language for a minimum of 1000 words

      Not mandatory, but recommended documents,

    • Copy of MoU in CIBF, if applicable.
    • Proof of business – memorandum of incorporation, membership, and any proof of the previous grant.
  • The eligibility phase: The applications will be vetted by a team of grant program commitee, as appointed by the Government of Tamil Nadu . If selected, a grant approval letter mentioning the grant will be sent to both parties.
  • First installment:  In the eligibility phase, once the draft sample translation is completed and submitted, after scrutinizing the quality by the committee, the first installment of 50 percent of the grant is transferred to the grant applicant.
  • Second installment:  Once the translation is completed and publication is made, and proofs are submitted that it has been printed not less than 1000 copies (excepts can be made for low-resource languages), to the grant committee, the second installment of the balance 50 percent will be transferred. The sample copies of 30 should be sent to the granter.
  • Additional support:  If library distribution is included with prior consent from the grant committee, an additional grant is added for a previously agreed number of copies at a 50 percent discount of the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the book.  The book is distributed as a complementary by the publisher with the promotional support of the Government of Tamil Nadu This additional support will be made once the proof of distribution is submitted.
  • The amount of the grant will be decided by the grant committee, but the grant applicants can mention the required funds in the form.
  • All the application process is online and may require an online signing process.
  • During the grant finalization, a signed hardcopy or scanned copy of the some agreements may be requested by the grant committee.


The Government of Tamil Nadu should be recognized for any publication that has been funded. The logo or wordings, to be sent by the grant committee, must appear on the publications with the following acknowledgment as well: The translation of this book was supported by the Government of Tamil Nadu.


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