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Translation grants

Translation Grants

The Tamil Nadu government will unveil its global translation grant programme during the event. All CIBF international participants are eligible for applying for the grant. A non-Tamil publisher from any country or Indian state, can apply for funding to translate a work of fiction or nonfiction from Tamil.

The grant will benefit publishers of a diverse range of Asian, African, European and Anglophone countries. The scope of the grant will be broad enough to cover all deserving applicants, with an initial outlay of USD 300,000.

The Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, the organiser of this event, had already identified over 200 titles in Tamil for selling rights or co-publishing with reputed Indian and international publishers. Many of these agreements also include a good translation grant. CIBF facilitates such deals.

During the event, a collective rights catalogue for 2023, will be released.

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